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SAKURA TOTE BAG a comfortable and useful Tote Bag. The tote bag, inspired by Japanese aesthetics, combines practicality with elegance. The clean lines and unique pattern, highlight the beauty of Japanese art and tradition. From a casual stroll around town to carrying everyday items, the Japanese-style tote bag brings out your sophisticated personality and adds a sense of elegance and authenticity to every look.

Design inspired by the flowering Japanese Cherry tree , an emblem in Japanese art and culture, a symbol of beauty, youth, but also of the transience of life

- 100% cotton / OEKO TEX STANDARD 100

- Non Gender Specific

- Original Designs by @raynedarren


Sakura, or the cherry tree in bloom, is an important symbol in Japanese culture. The cherry blossom emerges as a symbol of beauty, youth, and the transience of life. Its ephemeral bloom symbolizes impermanence and change, as cherry blossoms usually bloom for a few weeks and then fall off.

For the Japanese, Sakura is also associated with the concept of puberty, youth and beauty that lasts for a short period of time. Watching the cherry blossoms bloom and fall in a ritual act called "Hanami" is a tradition that characterizes the enjoyment of fleeting beauty and its importance in Japanese culture. At the same time, Sakura represents renewal, hope and the beginning of a new cycle of life.


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