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Japanese bag-pouch "Knot Bag" with kimono fabric pattern. A unique accessory that combines traditional Japanese design with functionality and elegance. The pattern is a faithful copy of kimono fabric and exudes a sense of Japanese culture and tradition.

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Knot Bag is the traditional Japanese purse, a kind of pouch, where it creates a comfortable knot on the wrist, so that its contents are always safe and inaccessible, and was an integral part of the kimono.

Its variations in sizes, types of fabrics and patterns made it for centuries the daily bag of Japanese men and women, for all classes and all occasions. The special closing method and its size were ideal so that it could be hidden inside their sleeve and not change the flawless appearance of the kimono.

A purse - pouch very popular in Japan, Korea and other countries of the Far East.

MO MO's knot bags are entirely handmade and their designs are made in a single copy.

The fabric in this knot bag is 100% Digital Print Cotton.