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KIKU T-SHIRT a unique design by MOMO KIDOHO, inspired by the Japanese Chrysanthemum, a symbol of longevity, luck and honor.

- 100% cotton

- Non Gender Specific

- Original Designs by @raynedarren

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The Japanese chrysanthemum, known as "kiku", represents a deep and precious meaning in Japanese culture. It is a symbol of longevity, luck and honor, connecting the Japanese people with the values of resilience and bliss. The Japanese celebrate the Chrysanthemum Festival in April, dedicating this flower in appreciation and respect for the elderly. With each variety carrying different meanings, the chrysanthemum represents a rich heritage, being a fascinating expression of deep Japanese philosophy and spirit.

There is an ancient legend about the Japanese chrysanthemum that tells the story of a young princess, Kiku, who lived in a distant kingdom. Kiku, with her beauty reflecting the glow of the sun, was also known for her kind heart and wisdom.

An unknown traveller arrived in the kingdom of Kiku, bringing with him a small and frightened chrysanthemum. This flower, beautiful but unknown to the surrounding flowers, had been raised with care and love by the traveler.

Kiku, impressed by the bright but curious flower, began to care for it with devotion. Every day the flower sprouted new leaves and blossoms that radiated a special light. Kiku surprised everyone with the way she made this unique flower radiate from the garden of her palace.

One day, the traveller revealed the truth: the chrysanthemum was a miracle, a gift from the gods that brought luck and happiness. Since then, the chrysanthemum has become a symbol of hope and optimism for the kingdom of Kiku, illuminating the lives of the people with its beauty and mystery. And since that day, the Japanese chrysanthemum has represented good fortune, blessing and boundless beauty in every corner of the kingdom.


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