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JAPANESE SAKURA T-SHIRT a unique design by MOMO KIDOHO, inspired by the Japanese cherry, an emblem in Japanese art and culture.

- 100% cotton

- Non Gender Specific

- Original Designs by @raynedarren

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The Japanese cherry tree, also known as Sakura, is one of the most recognizable symbols of Japan. This beautiful tree blooms every spring and creates a spectacular sight with its pink blossoms.

The Japanese cherry tree has a long history and symbolizes beauty, temporality and renewal. Japanese people enjoy watching the cherry blossoms bloom during the Hanami holiday season, where they gather in parks and gardens to enjoy the beauty of the blossoms and celebrate the arrival of spring.

The flowers of the Japanese cherry are small and delicate, with a bright pink colour. They bloom for a short period, only a few weeks, before falling to the ground. This temporary nature of the cherry blossoms underlines the value of each moment and the beauty it offers.

The Japanese cherry tree has influenced the art, literature and music of Japan. Traditional paintings, Haiku poetry and Sakura no Uta music highlight the beauty and poetry of the flowering tree.

All in all, the Japanese cherry tree is a symbol of nature, beauty and temporality. Its flowering is considered an important factor in Japanese culture and tradition. The Japanese recognize the beauty and temporality of life through the cherry blossom.

The traditional Hanami celebration is a way for the Japanese to celebrate spring and enjoy the beauty of cherry blossoms. During Hanami, people gather in parks and gardens to picnic and enjoy the view of the blossoming trees. It is an opportunity for people to relax and enjoy the beauty of nature.

Japanese cherry has also influenced fashion and design. Pink cherry blossoms are a popular motif in clothing, accessories and interior design. Also, the image of the Japanese cherry tree is used in products such as ceramics, jewellery and souvenirs.

The Japanese cherry tree is one of the most beloved trees in Japan and has become a popular symbol around the world. People from all ages and cultures appreciate the beauty and temporality of life that the Japanese cherry tree symbolizes.


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