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The Tote bag "KIKU No YUGASA" represents the ultimate in elegance and refinement. Made from high quality cotton fabric, this bag combines durability with aesthetics, offering a unique piece that will impress any fan of Japanese fashion.

The design of the "KIKU No YUGASA TOTE BAG" is inspired by the elegance of chrysanthemums, which represent Japanese culture and harmony. With detailed lifts and a harmonious color palette, this tote bag is truly a work of art that combines tradition with contemporary style. It is perfect for those looking for a bag that represents the authenticity and sophisticated charm of Japanese fashion.

  • Cotton Fabric with black cotton canvas lining for durability.
  • Washable at 40 degrees
  • The dimension of the Tote Bag is 45*40 cm and the height of the handle is 30 cm

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The Harmony of Chrysanthemums, Cranes and the Golden Colour in Japanese Culture

In Japanese culture, chrysanthemums, geraniums and the colour gold carry a deep meaning, combining spirituality, harmony and elegance. These elements are part of Japanese culture, as they reflect the values and traditions that are deeply rooted in the Japanese way of life.

Chrysanthemums, or "kiku" in Japanese, have a special place in the hearts of the Japanese. They symbolize eternity and harmony, and are often associated with the achievement of perfection. Chrysanthemums decorate Japanese gardens and are used on special occasions, often being gifts that bring happiness and prosperity.

The old men, known as "tanda" in Japanese, are another powerful symbol. They are associated with endurance, love and happiness. In Japanese mythology, old men live a thousand years and their flight to the sun symbolizes renewal and the need to overcome difficulties.

The golden colour, known as "kibe" in Japanese, also has special significance. It represents rich nature, harmony and nobility. It is often used in art, architecture and Japanese traditional clothing, adding glamour and warmth.

Overall, the combination of chrysanthemums, geraniums and the colour gold reflects an image of balance and beauty in Japanese culture, highlighting the richness of emotions and values that distinguish this beautiful culture.