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Discover the world of sake with the wonderful SAKE SET RYU NO TAMASSI, a ceramic handmade masterpiece that combines aesthetics with tradition. The set includes a bottle and two glasses, all created with care and skill by the artisans of MOMO KIDOHO.

The ceramic bowl of the set is a true expression of art, as it depicts an impressive dragon. The dragon, a symbol of power and luck in Japanese culture, emerges with detailed lines and vibrant colours. The two glasses, depicting a cloud, add a cool and light feel to the set.

The characteristic shade of pastel yellow adds a spiritual brightness to the set, creating a harmonious and sophisticated ensemble. This sake set is not just a tool for enjoying a drink, but an artistic text that highlights the active connection between art and Japanese culture.

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The SAKE SET RYU NO TAMASSI is an extremely unique sake set that combines high handmade art with deep Japanese tradition. The ceramic bowl, signed by MOMO KIDOHO, depicts an impressive dragon, giving the set an aura of mystery and power. The pastel yellow colour adds a subtle yet bright aesthetic, making the set a striking addition to any moment of enjoyment.

In Japan, sake is much more than just a drink. It is a part of culture and social life. The process of serving sake is an art, with consumption being done with respect and appreciation. SAKE SET RYU NO TAMASSI invites the consumer to immerse themselves in this experience with uniqueness and style.

The dragon, depicted in the bottle, represents power, protection and luck in Japanese tradition. It is a symbol associated with renewal and a sense of higher spirit. With SAKE SET RYU NO TAMASSI, every sip becomes a ritual, combining the elegance of art with the ancient pleasure of sake.

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