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The Origami Necklace is a sophisticated reference to Japanese art and spirit. This stunning necklace showcases the authentic character of Chiyogami, a silk-screened paper with layered colors that exude unique beauty.

Each piece is made of handmade Chiyogami, giving life to repeating patterns that express the aesthetics of Japan. The composition of the necklace is a unique journey towards authenticity and harmony.

This jewellery, embodying Chiyogami's inherited wealth, is a testament to Japan's unique and refined art. The Origami Necklace is a personal statement that brings the beauty of Chiyogami's spirit into everyday life, showcasing the aesthetics and elegance of Japanese culture in every time it is worn.

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Chiyogami Japanese paper is synonymous with Japanese aesthetics and high quality. Chiyogami is kozo screen-printed paper and its name means "The Paper of a Thousand Generations." Chiyogami paper has from four to twelve silk-screened layers of color, which make up the repeating pattern of each sheet. Each layer of paint must be dry before the next is applied, a time-consuming and demanding process.

The Enchanting Origami Necklace: a Beauty with a Japanese Seal

Experience a rich Japanese aesthetic with the Origami Necklace, an exquisite necklace that showcases the authenticity of Chiyogami. Each piece bears the signature handmade kozo paper, offering a journey into the tradition and elegance of Japanese art.

A Jewel that Combines History and Uniqueness

With an emphasis on the Chiyogami style, this necklace is a reborn form of Japanese art, combining tradition with modern style. The silk-screened paper hosts a rich variety of colours and patterns, creating an elegant yet sophisticated piece of eye-catching jewellery.

Discover Japanese Beauty in Your Daily Style

With the Origami Necklace, you bring out the spirit of Chiyogami in your daily life. This sophisticated jewelry is not just an accessory but a way of expressing the freedom and spirituality that distinguishes Japanese culture. Discover the world of Higogami through a piece of jewellery that represents the uniqueness and authenticity of Japan.