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This unique pouch bag features a magnet button that closes with absolute ease, offering you the security and practicality you need in your everyday life. Blue navy color with all-gold flowers, a Tokyo fabric with an original Japanese pattern inspired by Japanese art and the name of the famous geisha Mineko Iwasaki.

In a single atypical format! Dimensions 18xmX24cm

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We are excited to introduce our new creation, the Pouch bag that will take you on a journey into the Japanese philosophy of simplicity and elegance.

This unique pouch features a magnet button for easy closure, offering you the security and convenience you need in your daily life. The exotic blue marine color, reminiscent of the sea, full of sensation, highlights its elegance and is inspired by the fragrant sea breeze.

The cotton fabric we use for our pouch comes from classic Tokyo, a fabric that speaks of the history and tradition of the region, and is highlighted by its original Japanese motif. This motif draws inspiration from cosmopolitan Japanese art, giving your pouch a sense of luxury and uniqueness.

Finally, the name we chose for this pouch is not random. We have paid tribute to the famous geisha Mineko Iwasaki, a woman who embodied the soul of Japanese culture and elegance in her own way. With this name, the pouch takes on an additional dimension and connects with the exceptional charm and culture she represents.

Allow us to offer you a piece of Japan with every touch of our Pouch bag. Every time you hold it, you will feel the gentle embrace of history and sophistication that characterizes Japanese culture.