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Purse, knapsack or whatever you prefer, this bag is a utilitarian accessory, aimed at... connoisseurs. Hiragana is one of Japan's three writing systems and here you have it in an excellent denim blue fabric. It doesn't get more "japanila" than that!

In a single copy. Dimensions 18xmX24cm

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Discover the ultimate blend of functionality and elegance with the Japanese Denim Blue clutch, a truly unique accessory that offers you more than just storage space. Undoubtedly, this bag is designed with passion and attention to detail, making it essential for those who seek excellence in their daily lives.

It's an accessory designed for those who appreciate the value of uniqueness. It's a piece that adds style and personality to every outfit.

The exceptional feature of this pouch is the Hiragana, a writing system that is a core part of the Japanese script. This interesting addition gives a sense of cultural appreciation and depth to your product.

This pouch is an exclusive piece, crafted with care and love. There are no two alike, making each one unique and one-of-a-kind.

In summary, the cotton Japanese Denim Blue pouch is an essential accessory for those who appreciate quality, style, and uniqueness. Let it be your everyday companion and showcase your aesthetic sense.