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Liza Dalby we named the one and only copy of this purse. We first recommend this cotton fabric with its lovely patterns that bring to mind Kyoto, the city of long-standing geisha culture.

Dimensions 18cm x 24cm

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Japanese Pouch

Japanese Pouch Liza Dalby. Discover the ultimate expressive harmony with handmade Japanese accessories and clothing from our store. We are excited to introduce our newest creation, the Liza Dalby, a product that combines the elegance of Japanese aesthetics with its unique character.

With a name that pays tribute to history and culture, the Liza Dalby purse is a piece crafted from traditional Kimono fabric. Each item bearing the name of Liza Dalby, an exceptional personality who has dedicated her life to understanding and celebrating Japanese culture and Geisha, embodies quality and a deep love for Japanese heritage.

Inspired by the past and intertwined with the present, the Liza Dalby is crafted from a unique cotton fabric. Its texture gently caresses the fingers, leaving a sense of comfort and luxury. The patterns adorning this piece are truly exceptional, reminiscent of the art of Kyoto – the city that has sealed time with the legacy of the Geisha. Unique golden elements and the highly representative blue waves complete the look.

The Liza Dalby Japanese Pouch is not just an accessory. It is the choice to bring a piece of Japan's history and culture with you. Each time you hold it, you will renew your connection to the eternal beauty and harmony it represents.

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