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Welcome to the world of MOMO KIDOHO!

At MOMO KIDOHO, we tell a story that begins with a passion for Japanese culture and evolves into a journey of discovering the beauty and spirituality that distinguishes handmade Japanese accessories and garments. With passion and dedication, we offer a unique collection of products that embody the spirit of authenticity, freedom and boldness.

Athanasios Gerogiannis

CEO, Director

Our space

In our specially designed space in Thessaloniki, you will discover a variety of items from Japan, Korea and China, expressed through a unique aesthetic and handmade with care.

Established in June 2023, MOMO KIDOHO has become a destination for those seeking original and sophisticated pieces that reflect the complex Japanese tradition and culture.

Whether you are choosing a unique jewelry inspired by the Japanese philosophy of simplicity, or exploring handmade kimonos and elegant kimono jackets, we invite you to discover the unique world of MOMO KIDOHO.


The inspiration

Japan, Korea and China are a source of inspiration for making unique pieces of clothing and accessories such as kimono, haori, bags, purses, purses, pouches, utensils and ceramics.

Japan is renowned for its harmony and aesthetics, while Korean fashion is known for its playful style and bold colours. From China come traditional elements and patterns that offer a sophisticated sense of multiculturalism.

The kimono is a unique expression of Japanese culture and traditional art, while the haori is an elegant choice for any occasion. Handbags and purses are distinguished for their unique design and practicality, while pouches offer a sense of sophistication and originality.

Utility items combine functionality and aesthetics, while ceramics and t-shirts add a unique touch to everyone's style and appearance. Each piece brings with it a story and a sense of authenticity that reflects the rich cultural heritage of these wonderful countries.

Our vision is to be the destination for those seeking unique Japanese garments that embody the spirit of authenticity, freedom, and courage.

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